Cash for Gold and Diamonds Jewellery

Gold purchasers that will give you cash for gold. Pot of gold buys jewellery, teeth , silverware, diamonds and so on.

Need Cash for gold?   As a result as a top South African gold and diamond broker primarily based in Melville.  We present a wide variety of solutions to suit our client demands also thinking about our consumers demands.  As a result we trade with gold and diamonds.  As a outcome, we will also deal with Krugerrands and coins.

When you have to have money for gold in a hurry, Pot of Gold will convert most luxury goods, jewellery, coins, diamonds and higher finish electronics into money in your pocket instantly.

Our money for gold service is qualified and rapidly, hence effective.

We pride our self on usually placing our shoppers initially regardless of their circumstance.

Understanding and practical experience is crucial to our good results, for that reason, our shoppers get the finest monetary returns for their things
What elements have an effect on the worth of my gold?

Cash for gold

What elements impact the worth of my gold?

Specifically relevant to the worth of your gold is the purity and weight of what you are searching to sell. For instance, 18 k jewellery will be worth twice as considerably as 9k jewellery that has the similar weight for the reason that 18k gold consists of 75 percentage gold and 9k only 37.five. Therefore we will present much more for 18k then 9 k.

Prepared TO TURN YOUR OLD AND Undesirable GOLD AND DIAMONDS TO Money, It is Less difficult THEN YOU Feel TO GET Money FOR GOLD.

Receiving money for gold is an productive signifies of obtaining some necessary added money. We present our consumers a complete variety of solutions and solutions.

What do we get?

As a gold purchasing enterprise we get Gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewellery, as nicely as gold coins and Krugerrands for major market place prices.


There are quite a few motives folks have to have money for gold. In addition, everybody is usually searching to make swift money 1 way or a further.

  • Since of other unforeseen occasion happens
  • As a outcome of losing your job
  • Place money in their pocket 
  • Spend university charges
  • Spend bills
  • Hospital bills

Therefore promoting your gold, diamonds or silver could be your ticket to monetary freedom.

Lastly, we will present money for gold, even for the following things?

  • There is no possibly, gold is gold no matter what the circumstance. As a result, has worth. It has its personal inherent worth which is regulated by market place forces and is set twice everyday so you can know specifically what your gold is worth. In addition, your gold can be something from:
  • old cuff hyperlinks
  • broken jewellery
  • gold chain
  • bracelets
  • earrings
  • bangles
  • gold coins
  • antique jewellery
  • class rings
  • dental gold
  • or even gold navel rings Consequently, we get most gold things.
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