Gold jewellery we buy

We buy the following items but not limited too

Need to sell any of the below gold, diamonds or silver items?

Call : 0823387622 or Email: [email protected]

sell Gold Jewellery Gold Jewellery (Chains, bangles, bracelet, ear rings, rings etc)
sell diamond Jewellery Gold and Diamond Jewellery (rings, pendants, bangles, ear rings etc)
sell krugerrands Gold Coins (including Krugerrands, coins etc)
gold teath Gold teeth
Gold bullion Gold Bullion

Silver in any form

silver jewellery Silver Jewellery
silver flat ware Silver flat ware
silver plates Silver Plates
silver teaset Silver tea sets
silver bars silver bars
silver coins Silver coins

Silver in any form

If you have any other item you want to sell, contact us and we will confirm if we do buy it