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What is in your secure pack?

  • Digital Tablet Safe
  • Digital scale
  • Tamper proof bag
  • Documentation for your sale

How does it work?

• Complete the contact form

• We will contact you if we need more infomasion

• We Fedex or Postnet our secure pack to you

• We will SMS or whatsapp the safe pin to you.

• Put your items on the documentation and take a phot of the items 

• put all your items on the scale and take a photo of the items and the weight

• You Fedex or Postnet the items back to us (Fedex delivery guy will wait for you)

• We receive your secure pack and confirm the contents

• We pay you based on the metal content in you items (EFT or E wallet)

Q & A

Q: How do you analyze the quality of my items?

A: Pot of Gold uses – not 1 – but 3 state-of-the-art tests to assess the value of your precious metals: electronic analysis, scratch analysis, and x-ray fluorescence testing.

Q: How is submitting my items “risk free”?

A: If you change your mind about selling your jewelry, simply contact us with in 7 days and transfer the funds back into our account. Once we have cleared the payment, we’ll be happy to return your items to you free of charge.

We also offer insurance on the secure pack

Q: How will you keep my items secure?

A: we store your valuables in a vault within a locked room, inside a secure area protected by bulletproof glass. The entire secure area is monitored by cctv 24/7.


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