Krugerrand dealer based in Melville

Why should you invest in Krugerrands and looking for a krugerrand dealer?

Looking for a krugerrand dealer? Krugerrands are a great investment in an often fluid economy. Krugerrands are currency, so no matter what is happening politically or economically in the country or on the stock market, it will not affect your investment. Krugerrands are historically secure assets. As gold is a finite resource its value can only increase giving you a measurable and trustworthy return on your investment. This makes Krugerrands a sound addition to any portfolio especially for the small investor as the only thing one needs to keep an eye on is the gold price.

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Do you know what your Krugerrands are worth right now?

If you purchased Krugerrands a while ago and would like to know how much they have increased in value since then, we offer a free evaluation service to all our clients. When it comes to selling your Krugerrands or buying more and increasing your investment, we offer sound, experienced advice and assist with the sale or purchase. Krugerrands are available in 1 oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz or ⅒ oz weights

Why Sell your gold and Diamonds?

There are many reasons people need jewellery buyers. Everyone is always looking to make quick cash one way or another – to pay bills or put cash in your pocket. If you lose your job or some other unforeseen event occurs, selling your gold could be your ticket to financial freedom.

What does a gold buyers Randburg consider as Gold?

Gold is gold no matter what the situation. It has its own inherent value which is regulated by market forces and is set twice daily so you can know exactly what your gold is worth. Your gold can be anything from old cuff links, antique jewellery, class rings, dental gold, or even gold navel rings. We are jewellery buyers that will offer you cash for gold.

We are Jewellery buyers that offer cash for gold .

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