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Gold buyers that will offer you Cash for Gold Wilgerivier.  Pot of gold buys jewellery, coins, Krugerrands, teeth, Mandela medallions, silverware, diamonds or any manufactured gold item.

Need Cash for Gold Wilgerivier?   Therefore as a leading South African gold and diamond broker based in Melville.  We offer a wide range of services to suit our customer needs also considering our clients needs.  Therefore we trade with gold and diamonds.  As a result, we will also deal with Krugerrands and Mandela coins.

When you need Cash for Gold Wilgerivier in a hurry, Pot of Gold will convert most luxury goods, jewellery, coins, diamonds and high end electronics into cash in your pocket immediately.

Our Cash for Gold Wilgerivier service is professional and fast, thus efficient.

We pride our self on always putting our customers first regardless of their situation.

Knowledge and experience is key to our success, therefore, our customers get the best financial returns for their items
What factors affect the value of my gold?

What factors effect the value of my gold?

Especially relevant to the value of your gold is the purity and weight of what you are looking to sell. For example,  18 k jewellery will be worth twice as much as 9k  jewellery that has the same weight because 18k gold contains 75 gold and 9k only 37.5. Thus we will offer more for 18k then 9 k.

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 Getting Cash for Gold Wilgerivier is an effective means of getting some needed extra cash.  We offer our clients a full range of products and services. 

What do we buy? 

As a Cash for Gold Wilgerivier company we buy Gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewellery, as well as gold coins and Krugerrands for top market rates.


There are many reasons people need Cash for Gold Wilgerivier. In addition, everyone is always looking to make quick cash one way or another.

  • Because of other unforeseen event occurs
  • As a result of losing your job
  • Put cash in their pocket 
  • Pay university fees
  • Pay bills
  • Hospital bills

Hence selling your gold, diamonds or silver could be your ticket to financial freedom.

Finally, we will offer Cash for Gold Wilgerivier, even for the following items?
  • There is no maybe, gold is gold no matter what the situation. Therefore, has value.

    It has its own inherent value which is regulated by market forces and is set twice daily so you can know exactly what your gold is worth.

    In addition, your gold can be anything from:

  • old cuff links
  • broken jewellery
  • gold chain
  • bracelets
  • earrings
  • bangles
  • gold coins
  • antique jewellery
  • class rings
  • dental gold
  • or even gold navel rings

    Consequently, we buy most gold items.

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Cash for Gold Wilgerivier



How does the cash for gold industry work when I want to sell my goods?

We buy gold jewellery, coins and Krugerrands based on the gold content (karat) and weight thus offering rates based on the gold content of your item. The price is linked to the gold market price and we calculate a discounted rate based on the current gold price.

Will you offer cash for gold jewellery that is broken or damaged?

Yes, we buy gold jewellery in any condition, broken, miss matched or unwanted.

Will you guys buy miss match earrings?

Definitely yes, as we buy gold for the melting value. It does not matter if your jewellery pieces are mismatched, matched or broken, once again it does not matter since gold is gold.

I have old jewellery that is no longer in fashion and I don’t like it any more?

Oh yes, we don’t care about the looks of the jewellery.Because we buy it for the gold content and not as jewellery.

I have a luxury watch, but it’s not gold will this be woth selling to Pot of Gold, since it’s not gold.

A lot of the luxury watches has value to watch collectors and we will buy those watched on behalf of our watch collecting clients. This is based on make and model of your watch.

I have a Diamond ring, can I sell it and what do I need to sell it?

Yes, you can, we will make you an offer based on the diamond certificate, If you don’t have a certificate, we could assist you to obtain one from IDL or EGL and make you an offer based on the certificate.

I have a Gold Mandela Coin, will I be able to sell those?

Yes, you will be able to sell them, but please not we only offer the gold value on them, therefore will quote you based on the gold market price.

What about Krugerrands and krugerpounds?

We will buy krugerrand and Krugerpounds based on the current gold price. Even if they are part of a jewellery setting.

I have a silver tea set, can this be sold?

Yes, we will buy it at silver value. In other words, we will pay you a market-related rate based on the silver content of the item you wish to sell.

I have silver bullion, can this be sold and what rate would I get?

We will buy it from you based on a discounted silver market rate and not the retail value.

What do I need when I want to sell my gold, silver ore krugerrands?

You just need your ID, Drivers license or passport and will be asked to complete documentation in our shop.

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